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Vanessa - AMP People's Choice Scholarship Applicant


Check out the incredible things Kiwis are doing all over the world! Vote for the person you think deserves a $10,000 AMP People’s Choice Scholarship to help them ‘do their thing’!

GUYS can some of you help out please??
Vanessa’s just fallen out of the top 5 people in this scholarship competition, and she needs 50~ more votes to get back up there.
Please vote for her? You don’t have to sign up for anything (so long as you have facebook), it’s literally just clicking the ‘vote now’ button.
She’s such a brilliant person and she’s gonna do great things man. Voting closes in less than an hour

Please vote! Got 23 minutes to change someones life!

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Posted 30 Sep
Tom Daley
Alex Pettyfer &lt;3
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Posted 4 Jul
Fabricio Bach
Francisco Lachowski
Tyler Blackburn &lt;3
Keegan Allen &lt;3